Airports in Afghanistan resume operations

Kabul, January 30: Taliban said that the operations at Airports in Afghanistan have resumed as this comes as negotiations are underway in Doha over certain aspects of the management of Afghan airports between the Islamic Emirate, Turkey and Qatar.

But they have not yet reached a final agreement.

Operations at 27 civilian and military airports which were halted after the fall of the former government led by Ashraf Ghani have resumed, the Taliban said on Saturday.

“Most of these airports did not have problems, only limited airports such as Khwaja Rawash, Kandahar and Khost airports had problems,” Tolo News quoted Latifullah Hakimi, head of the military and civil regulatory commission as saying.

“We divided the five parts into two parts, one military and the other civilian, because it is no longer necessary, and here is one government, before it used to be like (multiple) governments,” Hakimi added.

According to Hakimi, there are currently three military airports operating: including Bagram in Parwan, Shurab in Helmand and Shindand Airport in Herat, Tolo News reported.

“Services are provided normally from Afghanistan’s airports, flights operate normally, especially from Kabul airport, foreign and domestic flights are happening. “Military flights from military airfields as well as parts of Kabul airport are being used for military, logistical and other flights,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, spokesman for the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Tolo News reported.

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