Another Republican to challenge Trump in 2020 polls

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford,File Photo:

Washington, Sep 8 Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, a critic of US President Donald Trump, on Sunday became the third Republican to challenge him in the party’s primary contest for the 2020 presidential race.

Announcing his decision, former US representative of South Carolina said  “I am going to get in,”with the national debt at the center of his platform. “I think we need to have a conversation about what it means to be a Republican. I think as a Republican party we have lost our way.”

Sanford said he wants to run  as what he finds most alarming: The $22 trillion national debt.

Sanford, 59, joins former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and conservative radio host Joe Walsh in the bid to challenge Trump for the nomination, though the President remains the favourite choice of the party.

Sanford also criticised the current state of deficits and spending, saying that Trump, who “has called himself the king of debt”, has “a familiarity and comfort level with debt” which was, in his view, leading the nation in “the wrong direction”.

The Republican National Convention, at which the nominee will be formally chosen, will take place in August next year after a series of state primary elections and party caucuses, though some states, including Sanford’s South Carolina, have decided not to hold primaries, so as to pave way for Trump’s renomination.

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