Congress tweets #ModiLiesAtRedFort

New Delhi, Aug: The Congress party rubbished the achievements listed by Prime Ministrer Narendra Modi on the Independence Day speech at Red Fort, tweeting with the #ModiLiesAtRedFort, that Modi is responsible for the sharp slowdown in India’s economic growth and the ripping of the Constitution.

Modi ist Lie: ON PM’s claim of  ‘One Nation, One Tax’ 

On the benefits of Goods and Services Tax (GST), PM Modi said that the nation’s dream of ‘One Nation, One Tax’ has been realised.

Congress countered the point claiming that the taxation system still has five tax slabs and added that the one tax theory is far from reality.

“Given that GST has 5 tax slabs, “One Nation, One Tax” is far from reality. It is also our duty to remind the PM when he speaks from the Red Fort, that the poorly implemented GST resulted in a massive loss to the economy & forced closure of multiple MSMEs,” Congress tweeted.



Congress also rubbished another statement of PM Modi on the country’s improving trade.

That’s rich coming from the man wholly responsible for reducing international investment in India, ruining trade relations with key partners, weakening the rupee to historic lows & devastating the export industry in the country. #ModiLiesAtRedFort


On PM Modi’s ‘One Nation, One Constitution’ statement, Congress accused the Modi’s government of “ripping” the Constitution to shed and highlighted the recent Article 370 move.

“The unilateral and undemocratic manner in which Article370 was abrogated & J&K was dismembered is deplorable. One shudders at the thought of what this democratic govt will do next,” Congress said.

“Finally the truth: what’s happened in these 70 days could never have been considered in the last 70 years. Anti-democratic and anti-constitutional decisions that trample on the rights of citizens can only be taken by Modi,” the party added.

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