Coup in India’s Maharashtra by BJP

New Delhi, Nov 23: The ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party in India orchestrated a coup in Maharashtra by removing President’s rule within hours and installing the chief minister of the saffron party in the state which won 105 seats in the 288-member assembly and will have to prove the majority in the Assembly.

The state where President’s Rule was imposed on Nov 12 was revoked at 5:47 am today, and at around 8 am today the BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis took oath as Maharashtra Chief Minister for a second term at Raj Bhavan this morning and Nationalist Conference Party chief Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar his as deputy chief minister.

This dramatic twist in Maharashtra politics comes at a time when deliberations between the Congress, the NCP and Shiv Sena to form a government in the state reached the final stage on Friday and the three parties announced that Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray will be the Chief Minister.

Now, BJP’s Chief and Indian Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, the expert will get active as poaching of MLAs will begin.

This shows that India is ruled by a dictator and democracy is in tatters. Mumbai, being the financial capital and the hub of all corporates and Bollywood industry, BJP cannot afford to lose the grip in the state because of the revenue and many other things like promoting BJP and its policies and strategies by way of Bollywood movies.

“Maharashtra needed a stable government, not a khichidi government,” Mr Fadnavis said after taking oath today, adding that the Shiv Sena “did not follow people’s mandate”. “We were invited by the Governor to form government. I thank NCP for supporting us,” he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the new Chief minister.

Congratulations to @Dev_Fadnavis Ji and @AjitPawarSpeaks Ji on taking oath as the CM and Deputy CM of Maharashtra respectively. I am confident they will work diligently for the bright future of Maharashtra.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) November 23, 2019
The BJP, which emerged as the single largest party in the state elections last month, could not earlier stake claim to form a government after it could not reach an agreement with its former ally Shiv Sena on its “50:50” demand.

The BJP won 105 seats in the 288-member assembly followed by the Shiv Sena (56). The NCP won 54 seats and its Congress had won 44 seats.

Seeing the events that have been taking place in India after Modi’s rule since 2014 clearly shows that India is under a dictatorial rule where the opposition parties are being crushed: either by luring the leaders of other political parties or by asking the investigative agencies to go after the Gandhi family and the top leaders of the opponents.

Congress senior leader and Karnataka minister D K Shivakumar has accused the BJP-led central government of misusing investigating agencies to “torture” him his family, hitting back a day after after it was reported that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has registered a money laundering case against him.

Shivakumar said at a press conference in Bengaluru he was being harassed because he had hosted Gujarat Congress MLAs during Rajya Sabha elections in August 2017 and foiled the BJP’s plan to lure them.

BJP and its ideological parent RSS, has insatiable lust for power and is working aggressively on bringing one party rule in India and that will be BJP; all other parties will be termed as ‘anti-national’ and dissolved and banned.

The BJP men said that they want Congress mukt India but they actually working on suppressing people, protests.

There is no place for a progressive people in India as Hindutva means hard core Hindus or Hindu supremacy.

Modi calls for modern India but delivers a society where Lynching, conversions, suppressing of minorities, Ghar Wapsi, Cow Protection, suppressing the voices and labeling the Opposition as anti-national becomes the norms and principle of Modi’s governance so that people of India don’t get the time to think about the performance of the government, the economy or jobs.

The talented people are leaving India and the rest are striving hard to earn a living as education is too costly and only the men linked with RSS or the Saffron party or the related organistaions will be able to afford.

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