Detroit man dies after Trump administration deports him to Iraq

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Washington/ Baghdad, Aug 8 : A man who was living in Detroit, the U.S. state of Michigan,died this week after he was deported to Iraq in June.

41-year old Jimmy Aldaoud died because he was unable to obtain insulin to treat his diabetes, his lawyer and a local congressman have said.

Michigan congressman Andy Levin in a series of tweets said, “Jimmy died tragically yesterday of a diabetic crisis. His death could have and should have been prevented, as his deportation was essentially a death sentence.”

Jimmy Aldaoud was born in Greece, had never been to Iraq and did not speak Arabic, according to his attorney, Edward Bajoka.
But he was among more than 1,000 Iraqis whom the Trump administration has been trying to deport since 2017 in an apparent deal with the Iraqi government to get the country removed from the travel ban, imposed by Trump a week after he took office.

Michigan congressman Andy Levin, who represents several Detroit suburbs, said Aldaoud should never have been sent to Iraq and his deportation was “essentially a death sentence”.


“It was clear that deporting Jimmy to a country where he had never been, had no identification, had no family, had no knowledge of geography or customs, did not speak the language and ultimately, had no access to medical care, would put his life in extreme danger,” Levin said on Twitter

“I will put my full effort into advancing the Deferred Removal for Iraqi Nationals Including Minorities Act to provide a legislative solution to this crisis and help prevent further deportations that will inevitably endanger more lives.My Republican colleagues and I have repeatedly called on the Executive Branch to cease deportation of such vulnerable people. Now, someone has died. We cannot wait one more day for action,” he said.

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