EU’s budget 2021-2027: European Social Funding for fighting poverty and unemployment

Brussels:  The European Parliament adopted a report in plenary on 4 April that proposes to increase funding for the European Social Fund in the EU’s budget for 2021-2027 with a primary focus on youth employment and children.

The European Parliament is backing updated rules to tackle unemployment and high rates of poverty in the EU.

Parliament wants the EU to do more on social issues by supporting a renewed and simplified European Social Fund, known as the European Social Fund Plus’ (ESF+).

The new version of the fund could then help to create full employment, boost the quality of work, increase productivity, make it easier for people to find work in a different part of the EU, improve education and training as well as promote social inclusion and health.

The European Social Fund was created in the founding Treaty of Rome in 1957 and is the oldest of the Structural Funds.As of 2015, the main goal is to foster employment, reduce social exclusion and invest in skills.Funding can also be used to help companies and organisations.

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