Heavy rains trigger flashfloods in Washington DC

Washington, D.C, : Heavy rains swamped the Washington, D.C,  the capital of United States of America on Monday morning, causing road and rail delays and knocking out power. A portion of the press area in the White House was also affected.

Videos have surfaced on social media in which the raging floodwaters turned roads into rivers. One social media user captured a video while driving through high floodwaters in the Virginia Avenue Tunnel.

DC is flooded. It was 90 degrees in Alaska last week. Sea ice has shrunk to record lows in Antarctica. June was the hottest month ever recorded. And today Trump is “touting” his environmental record. We don’t have time for more lies. We must address the climate crisis now.

Serious flooding situation on Canal Road near Fletchers Cove with numerous drivers stranded, so I’m swimming to safety

Stormy conditions have affected the air traffic as well as aircraft heading towards Reagan National have been grounded along with reports of departure delays by at least one hour.


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