Imran counts prayer beads during meeting with Trump


New York, Sep 24 Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was seen quietly counting prayer beads during the joint press conference with US President Donald Trump on Monday on the sidelines of the UNGA.

In Monday’s press conference, Imran Khan kept counting the rosary, something that he rarely does.

In contrast to the earlier press briefing, when Imran Khan was quite voluble and contributed to a major chunk of the talk, this time round it was Trump who did most of the talking, and Imran Khan kept quiet mostly.

Trump even indulged in some verbal jousting with Pakistani journalists, and seemed to be enjoying it, with Imran Khan keeping quiet and smiling, without joining in.

When one Pakistani scribe described India as an “aggressor”, Trump jokingly said “this is the kind of reporter I like”. When the reporter persisted, Trump said again: “I like this reporter” to laughter around.

Then Trump asked: “Are you a member of this team? (pointing to Imran)…

“You know what? You’re saying, you’re saying what you think,” he said, telling the reporter that instead of asking a question, he was making a statement.

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