Iran warns US, says Tehran would respond from Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean

Hossein Salami

Tehran, Sep 21: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards commander Hossein Salami has issued a warning that country’s forces are ready for combat and “any scenario” and said that any country that attacks Tehran will see its territory turn into the conflict’s “main battlefield”.
“Whoever wants their land to become the main battlefield, go ahead,” Guards commander Hossein Salami told a news conference in Tehran.”We will never allow any war to encroach upon Iran’s territory, According to AFP.

This warning comes after US President Donald Trump imposed fresh sanctions on Iran, President Hassan Rouhani and others and said that no military action as of now.

It is being reported that General Yagya Rahim Sadavi, a senior advisor to Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, ” if Americans think of any military plot Iran would respond from the Mediterranean to the Red sea to the Indian Ocean against any US plot.”

“Be careful, a limited aggression will not remain limited.We will continue until the full destruction of any aggressor,” Salami said while he was speaking during a ceremony showing pieces of the American drone shot down by the Guard in June.

The recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco twin oil plants has escalated the tensions between Iran and United States.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared Saudi attacks as ‘an act of war.”

The Pentagon said its goal was “to deter conflict and get back on the diplomatic path” and stopped short of definitively blaming Tehran for the air strikes which knocked out half Saudi Arabia’s oil production, deferring to Riyadh to make that assessment.

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