Iran’s Larijani slams Macron for kowtowing to Trump

donald trump

Heavily critricising the double standards adopted by French President as Emmanuel Macron downplayed Europe’s differences with the US over Donald Trump’s Iran policies when meeting the US leader face to face,the Iranian speaker, Ali Larijani said France were “amateurish and a source of regret.”

What Macron tells his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, during meetings and phone calls is not consistent with what he told Trump. “It seems that Macron’s comments are based on what is liked by the person he meets,” the speaker told fellow lawmakers during a session on Sunday.

Upset with the shocking Macron’s behavior of not confronting Trump on Washington’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 multinational nuclear deal with Iran.

Pompeo’s words were “deceitful, untrue and merely in service of appealing to the public opinion,” Abbas Mousavi said . He called the sanctions an act of “economic terrorism” and said Tehran will not yield to Washington’s pressure.

European companies have failed  to establish a financial mechanism that would allow companies to conduct business in Iran while circumventing the threat of sanctions by Washington. Tehran started partially withdrawing from the JCPOA to put pressure on the Europeans.

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