ISIS still a threat, says US as SDF conducts operation against IS cells in al-Hol camp


Damascus, April 8: Syrian Democratic Forces, the military wing of the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria, concluded an operation to degrade and disrupt ISIS activities at the al-Hol camp, south of al-Hasakeh. In total, more than 125 people were detained by the SDF.

Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said US certainly congratulate SDF on a successful operation, and we’ll continue to support them in the mission to defeat ISIS.

“US has said before, the operation was intended to remove ISIS elements from al-Hol, where we know that they continually try to subsist and to recruit,” Kirby said.

“ISIS remains a threat, and — and that’s still the case today. It is a much-diminished threat to the region, certainly, to the world than it was back in 2014. The coalition worked mightily over the last several years to degrade and to diminish their ability to resource themselves, train themselves, recruit and to conduct operations, but they are still a threat,” he added.

The SDF announced in its statement that the security operation at al-Hol camp is designed to root out IS cells, which carry out security operations against the military and security forces.

Al-Hol camp was established in the 90s to accommodate Iraqi refugees and then to give refugee to Syrian internally displaced people (IDP), particularly from eastern Syria.

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