Italian President Sergio Mattarella re-elected

Italian President Sergio Mattarella

Rome, Januaray 30: Italian President Sergio Mattarella has agreed to serve a second term after coalition parties failed to find a mutually acceptable alternative candidate in a week of often tense voting in Parliament.

At the eighth round of balloting among more than 1,000 lawmakers and regional delegates in the Chamber of Deputies, Mattarella has already gathered the majority of 505 votes necessary for victory.

He was formally re-elected on Saturday, following an eighth round of voting.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, followed by leaders of the ruling parties and regions, appealed to the 80-year-old Mattarella to accept the position despite his insistence that he was not interested in a second seven-year mandate.

Mattarella agreed to again lead the country, “considering the situation,” since the last seven rounds of voting failed to yield results. Prime Minister Mario Draghi had convinced him to stay for the “stability” of Italy.

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