Joe Kennedy plans to challenge Ed Markey for Senate seat in Massachusetts


Washington Sep 19: Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III is set to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2020 on Saturday,thus making a primary challenge to incumbent Sen. Edward Markey.

“Joe plans to make a campaign announcement this Saturday in East Boston. He looks forward to speaking with folks then,” spokeswoman Emily Kaufman said, according to the Boston Globe.

Kennedy, a scion of the Democratic political dynasty,has made it amply clear that it’s time for generational shift in the 2020 presidential primary.

“For too long, working Americans have been asked to sacrifice wages and protections while corporate profits skyrocket & shareholders reap the benefits. Standing in solidarity with @UAW workers who have had enough and are taking a stand for all their brothers and sisters in labor.,” Kennedy said.

38-year-old Kennedy, grandson of the late attorney general and New York senator Robert F. Kennedy, has only been in Congress since 2013, but his family’s political legacy in the state dates to the late 1800s. Markey has been in Congress since 1976.

US President Donald Trump has been defending Kavanaugh over the fresh sexual allegations. Kennedy said “Someone facing credible sexual assault allegations does not belong on our highest seat of justice. That’s a lesson this country should not have had to learn twice. We need an impeachment inquiry on Kavanaugh. We need court reform. And we need justice for survivors we have failed.”

As we prepare for attacks on our elections in 2020, it is more critical than ever that our response is consolidated under one roof. Grateful to have @SenAmyKlobuchar & @SenJackReed’s support as Senate follows House lead to pass my bill creating a Foreign Threat Response Center.

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