Kashmir remains Volatile as police fire tear gas as mass protests erupt

New Delhi, Aug 11: The first biggest protest took place in Jammu and Kahsmir’s Srinagar after Friday prayers on August 10 as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets against the abrogation of Article 370.

Indian security forces have fired tear gas and shot live rounds in the air to disperse mass protests in downtown Kashmir as thousands rallied against New Delhi’s stripping of the region’s autonomy, as per foreign media news.

The Indian media is banned to cover the news or protest  and only videos given by government which showcases normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir are being circulated in the media  and the news channels are now propagating the new history of Kashmir by showing propaganda programmes based on Kashmir given by the Modi Government

Injured have been admitted in the hospital.The Jammu and Kashmir has been bifurcated by the Narendra Modi government and the curfew which was relaxed for the Friday prayers and preparation for Eid has again been imposed coupled with severe communication blackout.

The protests erupted after noon prayers on Friday, with thousands of people marching towards the centre of Srinagar ignoring a curfew imposed as part of an unprecedented security lockdown in the disputed region and demanded full autonomy, according to the  footage released by BBC and Al Jazeera .

Some demonstrators were carrying black flags and placards saying “We want freedom” and “Abrogation of Article 370 is not acceptable.”

Around 700,000 troops has been deployed in Jammu and Kashmir  and the area is cut from the rest of the world. Around 400 Political leaders are under arrest and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi raised concern over the brutal use of force on the people of Kashmir who were protesting against the Modi government’s decision of changing the status of Jammu and Kashmir by locking up the people of the entire state, which is now termed as Union territory.

As soon as the reports of violence in Jammu and Kashmir emerged , Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asked PM Narendra Modi to tell the nation about what is happening in the state.

“PM should tell the country with full transparency on what is happening in J&K in view of reports of violence,” Gandhi said.

“I was called by the Working Committee just now because between the work that they were doing, to choose the next Congress president, some reports have come, that things in Jammu and Kashmir are going very wrong. There are reports of violence,” Gandhi said.

The Jammu and Kshmir police denied any protests .“There has been no untoward incident barring minor stone-pelting which was dealt with on the spot and was nipped in the bud,” Director General of Police Dilbagh Singh said.

The Modi government has imposed an order by putting the people of the state under lock.

Meanwhile on Sunday, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has issued an alert about Islamic State (IS) and ISI-backed terrorist groups planning attacks in India on the occasion of Eid on Monday.

In a confidential report issued to state police units and police headquarters on Friday, the IB said that ISI-backed jehadi groups may carry out terror acts in Jammu and Kashmir and other places in the country around Eid.


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