Kashmiri Pandit defends Kashmir restrictions, Modi gave tool to International community

Jammu and Kashmir

The Indian journalists, known for giving government sponsored views, is now seen supporting restrictions on Muslims in Kashmir by the Modi government.
The Indian media wanted to become the voice of the government , but fails to realize that PM Narendra Modi has himself given the tool to the Pakistan and the International community to question New Delhi as
Q Why the abrogation was done in haste ,
Q Why the BJP failed to build trust among the people of Kashmir during their coalition government with the PDP. BJP will simply blame PDP but if you can sideline regional parties and the Congress, the excuse is simply not fit to use.
Q If the intentions were right Why the abrogation of Article370 was simultaneously implemented with the detention of leaders and restrictions on the people of the region, in the garb of national security.
Q Why the BJP did not campaign door to door about the benefits or removing special status
Q What led to the insurgency and stone pelting during PDP-BJP rule in Jammu and Kashmir .
Q Why the proper groundwork was not done of making people aware of the benefits of the said decision.
Q Why BJP take hasty decisions and then bring in changes after every hour: Demonetisation,GST, Article370, NRC and so on.
Q If BJP wanted to build the trust and the intentions were right, Why the incidents of lynchings are not stopped .

The Indian media, which had been silent on lynching’s (mob violence since 2014 in the name of cow slaughter), anti people policies of the government, ghar wapsi, love jihad that brings disharmony in the country, false data and passing of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment (UAPA) Bill that provides power to government to declare any individual as a terrorist and last but not the least the sedition law in the name of nationalism.
An Indian journalist basically from Kashmir pandit family raised voice against Pakistan at a US congressional sub-committee hearing on Tuesday. She has never questioned the government on economic slowdown, false data, deaths due to PMC fraud and many other social issues.

Pakistan is already being questioned by the international community including US about terrorism and Islamabad’s government support to terror groups and the connivance between the terror groups, ISI and Pakistan military.
The government’s role of battle, hatred and war has been forwarded to Indian media and India’s seasoned reporters declared unequivocal allegiances and experienced editors parroted exaggerated claims. Theatrics abounded, with toy-gun totting warrior anchors in army fatigues drumming up an atmosphere of hate and violent jingoism.
Modi effectively cut off all communication with the media after coming to power in 2014, choosing instead to direct his messaging through tweets, radio programmes like Mann Ki Baat and staged interviews with pliant journalists.

In 6 years, PM narendra Modi did not address a single media briefing but after re- election in 2019, organized a press conference, in which Modi was silently sitting next to Amit Shah and everyone saw Home Minister was doing the honors.
In journalism, journalists must follow ethical guidelines; When speaking or writing a story, all journalists must consider what is ethically and morally right, regardless of what the law might say. Journalists must follow codes of conduct :the double-checking of sources; giving those criticised a ‘right of reply’; respecting people’s privacy, particularly in times of grief, illness or shock; protecting the vulnerable, e.g. children; avoiding subterfuge, e.g. using hidden recording devices.

The Indian electronic media has been vocally against Pakistan and in their studio rooms have been asking Indian government to initiate a war with Pakistan and also RSS asking for AKhand Bharat.
When the respective governments have been aggressively following their foreign policies what is the need of a Kashmiri journalist to lobby in US Congress.
In the era of 21 st century when a man gets into addiction of social networking sites, whatsapp, PUBG MOBILE and other platforms of social media due to internet,the restrictions on Kahsmiri Muslims is nothing but ethnic cleansing. Detention of political leaders including separatists is also human rights violations.
The journalists , who toe the line of Indian government or their respective governments, are in fact prompting the leaders of the concerned countries to become dictators .
ABout 4000-6000 Kashmiris including children, youngsters, buisnesman and political leaders have been arrested or in detention, no communication for theKashmiris no internet, no phone calls, no mobiles. This type of inhuman treatement is tantamount to ethnic cleansing operation of the 21st century and its happening right in front of the International community.

In the US Congress, the Indian journalist, who has accused the international media and human rights activists for siding with Pakistan, should be asked why the international media, observers and other representatives from international organisations have not been invited to see and witness the brutality being done on Kashmiris in Kashmir with the deployment of more than 60000 troops to maintain peace after the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.
Why now demography is being changed with the help of Hindus. Kashmiri pandits were given adequate compensation by the successive goverments of UPA when they were driven out of the Kashmir.For re-settlement in Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits again need money, aid from government to set up businesess and also jobs.
The humility is missing as BJP is indulging in revenge politics so as the Kashmiri Pandits.
Why preference should be given to ‘Kashmiri Pandits’ alone in every field , every Indian enjoys the same right as per the Constitution of India.
If BJP can show their political will to abrogate ARticle370,implementing NRC; what is stopping BJP to curbing lynching, mob violence against Dalits, Muslims.

Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter of India but Modi government did nothing to reach out to Kahsmiris but suppressing their right to protest peacefully, to give a wrong notion that Kashmiris have taken the decision enthusiastically.

The BBC broadcast footage apparently showing officers firing tear gas and live rounds at a crowd of 10,000 protesters after Friday prayers in the city of Srinagar.The BBC stood by its report, while the New York Times and India Today said its journalists had corroborated the incident.Jammu and Kashmir has been under a media, internet and phone blackout since Narendra Modi’s Indian government revoked the Muslim-majority region’s special constitutional status on August 5.
Modi government has exploited social media to the hilt to target critics, mobilise public opinion, and use tags like “anti-national,” to discredit anyone showing a hint of circumspection with the state narrative. But only narratives won’t work for long.
US lawmakers has expressed concern about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, pointing to the detention of local political leaders and activists and the internet blackout.At a hearing on human rights in South Asia held by a Congressional subcommittee in Washington, Alice Wells, the Acting US Assistant Secretary of State said, has “raised concerns with the Indian government regarding the detentions of local residents and political leaders, including three former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir,” she said. “We have urged Indian authorities to respect human rights and restore full access to services, including internet and mobile networks.”
Only a selective Indian media is taking care of the real news or issues that are affecting the people of India.

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