Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union surges in German state vote


Berlin [Germany], June 7 : Winning the election in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt on Sunday provided a boost to Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union ahead of Sept. 26 national election while disappointment in the hands of the other two parties who will be competing for the chancellery.

Christian Democratic Union won Sunday’s election with 37.1% of the vote, far ahead of the far-right Alternative for Germany with 20.8%. The CDU gained over 7 percentage points compared with the last election five years ago, while Alternative for Germany dropped 3.5 points.

Saxony-Anhalt’s CDU leader Sven Schulze said the result was “very, very gratifying,” expressing gratitude to the voters for giving the party a “clear government mandate.”

CDU,is currently led by Armin Laschet, the governor of Germany’s most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia.

Laschet, 59, is seen by local media as one of the potential successors of Merkel after she announced that she would not seek a fifth term and later stepped down from the CDU leadership in late 2018.

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