Modi government passing bills in clandestine manner in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi, July 31: Leader of Opposition, Ghulam Nabi Azad has accused the Modi government at the Centre of passing the bills in Rajya Sabha in clandestine manner as none of the bills are  referred to the standing committe for scrutiny.

” Modi Government is misleading the people of India as government had approached us (the Opposition parties ) asking ‘which Bills you would like to send to Select Committee?’ They gave us list of 23 Bills. The Opposition parties wanted at least half of them (12 Bills) to be sent. They said as less as you can. So opposition identified 6 Bills as A category& 2 a B category,” Azad said.

“The Modi government is trying to hoodwink the opposition and pass bills by keeping them in dark as the six bills that the Opposition wanted referred to a standing committee, the government had agreed to revert to them their views in three to four days. However, instead of communicating it to the opposition, the government chose to pass all those bills late on Monday night, without sufficient prior notice so that the Opposition MPs cannot be present.

Objecting to the secret manner adopted by BJP government in which the bills are being passed and “My submission is on one side you seek list from opposition – Bills to be sent to Select Committee, you don’t come back to us, and you get it passed. You tell your people to be present and we remain under illusion that Bill is going to Select Committee. This is not done.”

Giving the reference of Triple Talaq bill which was passed, Azad said, “The Bill yesterday (Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill, 2019) and Bill listed no.2 today (Unlawful Activities Prevention Amendment Bill) were listed to go to Select Committee. Y’day’s Bill was listed at night&we were given to understand they haven’t considered it.”

TMC leader Derek O’Brien says that the Bills were in fact listed just the night before they were introduced in Parliament.

Derek said that Bills are being passed too soon, without giving Members time to peruse the Bill.

Arti Bali 

Sr Journalist

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