Modi’s inability to fill in gaps on national security, economy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his inability to control the downward spiral trend of India’s economy and to euip the Army with modern weapons so as to fill the gaps on national security.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his inability to control the downward spiral trend of India’s economy and to euip the Army with modern weapons so as to fill the gaps on national security.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown his inability to control the downward spiral trend of India’s economy and to equip the Army with modern weapons so as to fill the gaps on national security. Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept into power in 2014, promising to take India’s economy to new heights. But many reforms have yet to materialize and the reforms demonetisation, GST and others that have been enacted are hurting growth.Congress led Opposition has been critical of the NDA’s national security, questioning its direction.

PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah always devise a roadmap to register a victory in elections but still even after four years they have not specified or discussed a national security strategy and how to take the country forward with the elected members of the Parliament.During debates, BJP ministers have always accused the Opposition of not thinking about the country but when they question, the current dispensation is reluctant to respond.

As the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are just 10 months away, Modi is back with old tactics of using social media to market their government’s schemes and projects but in four years, Modi has created an atmosphere of fear, hatred, intolerance, and conflict in the country coupled with the sense of  financial insecurity . It is time that the people of India should decide the difference between the actual worth of a leader and his hollow promises.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is now making an attempt to show that his government is sincere in bringing peace in Kashmir, has failed to douse the fire, that was perceived as being ignited by the coalition of Bharatiya Janata Party-Peoples Democratic Party due to their ideological difference and the saffron party’s internal desire of weakening the regional party by implementing wrong policies that resulted in alienation of Kashmiris and surge in militancy as locals have started joining the ranks of militants that was stopped in 2005.

India’s regional status has been lowered due to the inability of PM Modi to forge economic and strategic ties with countries in South Asia thus allowing China to don the mantle of regional economic leader.

PM Modi disrespected the valour of India Army as soldiers confronted the Chinese PLA at Doklam for 73 days but afterwards BJP gave in to China’s demands because of the Narendra Modi’s participation in BRICS summit and currently the Chinese army’s temporary deployment has changed into permanent and military infrastructure is being undertaken on a full scale.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has openly admitted in the Rajya Sabha that Chinese army’s temporary deployment has changed into permanent. Of late China has undertaken construction of helipads, watchtowers and also deployed guns and anti-tank missiles in the disputed region. Thus there is a grave threat to India’s national security but now Modi has started to transform ties with Beijing leaving back the “Doklam issue” behind which is strategically important for India.

Despite the repeated calls by the Congress and the Opposition to PM Modi to come forward and clear the government stand not only on Doklam, but also on the security of the Chicken Neck (the narrow stretch that connects the North East to remaining India) and also on China’s achievement on encircling India, Prime Minister is maintaining continued silence. Thus, India has become subservient to China as Beijing under the leadership of Xi Jinping is known as the global economic power, giving  challenge to America’s status as world power

As of June 2018, PM Narendra Modi has made 37 foreign trips on six continents, visited 55 countries including the visits to USA and spent billions.

But Modi’s foreign trips may have fulfilled PM’s craze of visiting countries but India which was recognized as a safe investment country during the 2008 global financial crisis, has now transformed into “Exit India movement”.

Foreign institutional investors are withdrawing their money from India and the amount  withdrawn in 2018 from January to May amounts to approximately Rs 32,000 crore.

The reasons are enormous as already the economy is in bad shape with no stability and growth, growing number of frauds and NPA’s in banks, political instability with less chances of NDA coming to power in 2019 after the emergence of grand alliance, weakening of Indian Rupee against dollar, continued increase in crude oil prices. All these factors make Indian markets less lucrative for foreign investors. While the United States offer increasing interest rates thus making it a safe investment destination.

Half of the population in India is dependent on farming but democratically-elected governments have been ignoring the agricultural community. Modi also promised sops to farmers before elections but betrayed them by refusing to waive off loans and compelling farmers to commit suicide.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi has stated, “The Narendra Modi government has waived loans worth Rs 1.40 lakh crore owed by 50 rich people but it has refused to write-off Rs 50,000 crore of poor farmers.”

The government fixes minimum prices for agricultural products but does not procure and the farmers are driven to bankruptcy.

Demonetisation and GST failed to bring the required dividends as foreseen by PM Modi. Demonetisation failed immensely to curb fake currency,  and  an efficient means to fight corruption. Banning high-value currency was also imposed to promote digital economy rather than cash-based economy, and boost social protection. But Demonetisation took away 1.5 Million Jobs and no industries were established as promised by PM Modi during 2014 Lok Sabha campaign rather huge number of companies were shut down and hiring in the manufacturing sector has reduced.

There are reports that data from South India by a team of the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) and the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), and within the NEEMSIS survey indicated that demonetization failed to fight corruption or curb fake currency.

For the first time, US Treasury Department has brought India in the list of countries being monitored for possible currency manipulation. In addition, US President Donald Trump’s protectionist moves have not helped India. Modi termed US President Trump as his friend but no benefits have reached India. Trump has imposed duties on Indian steel and aluminum, forced India to reduce import duty on Harley-Davidson motorbikes, reducing number of H1B visas and is likely to stop spouses of these visa holders from working in the US.

PM Modi who came to power in 2014 by selling dreams to people has shunned the responsibility of providing jobs to youth, waiving off loans to farmers, safeguarding national security. In these four years, Modi led NDA government on its own created an economic mess, the situation at the country’s borders is alarming with scores of soldiers and civilians have lost their lives due to ceasefire violations and internal security too is under threat. Is this the ‘New India’ PM Modi promised to deliver to the people of the country?

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