Netflix “The great hack” : Clinton takes Facebook CEO to task

New York, Nov 3 During the screening of the Netflix documentary “The Great Hack” in New York that reveals the sordid tale of UK-based and now defunct political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica that used personal information harvested from 87 million Facebook accounts to help Donald Trump win the 2016 US presidential election, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “Mark Zuckerberg should pay a price for what he is doing to our democracy.”

Taking pot shots at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the the social networking giant should fact-check ads from politicians to curb the menace of fake news.

Clinton argued in favour of creating “a whole new agenda of legislation and regulation” to govern how companies such as Facebook and Google exploit the data of its users, Variety reported on Saturday.

“Part of our problem, those of us who are appalled by this war on truth and this fake news which is truly surrounding us these days, is that we’re not very good at combating it. It’s hard because you’re up against algorithms, plus all these other powerful forces, it’s really hard,” she added.

Facebook’s third-party fact-checking programme exempts ads from politicians, but not from political groups.

The former US Secretary of State also praised Twitter’s decision to ban all political ads worldwide.

“The use of our data to manipulate us, to make money off of us, is really one of the cardinal challenges we face… This is our information, but people seem to forget that they should demand to own it,” Clinton said.

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