Only outstanding issue with respect to Kashmir is handing over Pakistan occupied Kashmir to India

Aurangabad,Oct 1: The Modi government is continuously issuing threats to Pakistan to hand over Pakistan occupied Kashmir to India as POK is the only issue left between India and Pakistan with respect to Kashmir .

Acknowledging that Kashmir is a dispute between India and Pakistan, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav has said that the only issue left to discuss with Pakistan was ‘handing over of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to India.

Ram Madhav is a core RSS member and had remained the National Executive of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and is also the Director of the India Foundation, an RSS-aligned think-tank focused on the issues, challenges and opportunities of the India.

He said that in 1994, a “unanimous decision was taken that the only point left to discuss with Pakistan is when they will handover Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to India.” “Only outstanding issue between India and Pakistan with respect to Kashmir is the status of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK),” he added.

Madhav said that there are only 200-300 people put under preventive detention.

“Today in Jammu and Kashmir only 200-250 people are under preventive detention in view of the law and order. They have been kept under preventive detention respectfully, some in five-star guest houses, some in five-star hotels,” Madhav said during the event.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at UNGA said that the entire 2 million people of Kashmir is under curfew .

In a dictatorship style, BJP is ignoring the real fact that Jammu and Kashmir High Court is flooded with over 250 writs of Habeas corpus seeking quashing of preventive detention.About 1000 political leaders, buinessman are under house arrest and as per AFP around 6000 people are under detention.

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