People in several countries migrating to cheaper cities amid covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated a new trend in countries including US, Japan etc as people have opted for less crowded cities and cheaper living. There are several factors but the key factor is job losses and salary cuts due to COVID-19.

People moving to smaller cities in areas like Tohoku in Japan’s northeast and Kyushu.

But some countries are keeping the data while some nations are not having the data. In India , people living in metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai, people who came from smaller towns or underdeveloped states to earn their living migrated from India’s Capital and country’s financial capital as lockdown suddenly snatched their earnings.

The states in India have been compelled to create job opportunities and are prompting people to start their own business in the name of start-ups but time will tell how much successful is the initiative by the government as the dismal urban jobs scenario remained unabated even in November with employment in cities and towns falling by 0.9 million even as it increased in rural areas by 2.3 million over October level.

In an annual report released last week, the Japanese agency said, “There is a concern that China will continue to work on acquiring (Japanese) companies and inviting human resources with advanced expertise.”
The report further states that Japanese researchers are participating in China’s “thousand talents program” to recruit talented people from overseas with abundant funds, Japan times reported, local news site quoted.
Since 2008, through this plan, China has recruited researchers from countries including the US, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Australia, and France. This comes at a time Beijing has long been suspected of engaging in hacking and intellectual property theft.

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