PM Modi behind coup in Maharashtra

New Delhi, Nov 24: AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal said in a statement on Saturday that it was more than apparent that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders were directly involved in the “murder of democracy”.

Venugopal’s remarks came after Maharashtra Governor BS Koshyari on Saturday morning administered the oath of office to Bharatiya Janata Party leader Devendra Fadnavis as the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Nationalist Congress Party leader Ajit Pawar as his deputy.

“Developments since morning indicate that the BJP will get a huge setback soon for the political horse-trading they have orchestrated in Maharashtra. The Congress will fight against this brutal murder of democracy violating all democratic and constitutional norms,” Venugopal said.

He said that only a few NCP MLAs have fallen in the trap of the BJP. This unholy and corrupt political alliance will fall before long, Venugopal said in the statement, adding that the illegally installed BJP government in Maharashtra will have to step down.

The Congress leader insisted that BJP had shown deplorable political immorality to grab power at any cost and the Congress will fight against this illegal and corrupt political treachery carried out by misusing power and violating all Constitutional provisions.

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