Release Human Rights activist Huang Qi: US to China

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 Washington, Aug 2 : The US Department of State on Thursday called on China to immediately release an imprisoned veteran Chinese journalist and rights activist Huang Qi, saying a Chinese court violated fundamental human freedoms by sentencing him to jail for 12 years.

“We call on China to immediately release Huang, and to allow him access to his family, medical care and legal counsel as soon as possible.The imprisonment of Huang Qi underscores China’s continued repression of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including free speech,” the press statement said.

“We urge the Chinese government to uphold its international commitments related to fair trial guarantees and the rule of law,” the State Department statement said.

“Huang has been honoured multiple times by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) for his courage in exposing corruption and human rights violations in China through his Web site, 64 Tianwang,” the State Department said.

The Mianyang Intermediate People’s Court in the central province of Sichuan on Monday announced that Huang was sentenced on charges of leaking state secrets and illegally providing state secrets to foreign entities, the Efe news reported.

As part of the sentence, Huang was also stripped of his political rights for four years and ordered to pay a 20,000-yuan ($2,900) fine.His website has served as a platform for dissident voices, has been arrested many times on charges of inciting subversion and illegal possession of the state secrets.

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