Respect Syria’s integrity and resolve through Adana agreement: Iran tells Turkey


Tehran, Oct 21 Iran on Monday urged Turkey to respect Syria’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty in its conflict with the Syrian Kurds .

Turkish soldiers launched an assault on Kurdish fighters on 9 October in northern Syria after President Donald Trump pulled out US troops.

“Iran acknowledges Turkey’s security concerns which should be addressed through peaceful means,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi told reporters.

“Turkey must respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in its conflicts with the Syrian Kurds,” said Mousavi.

” Turkey should resolve the issue by adhering to Adana deal with Syria, he added.

Based on Adana agreement, Syria committed to reject the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is considered as terror group by Turkey and the European Union and the United States, and to prohibit its operation against Turkey from Syrian soil.

Damascus would cooperate with Ankara in taking measures to assure that the PKK would no longer be welcomed in Syria, according to the Adana agreement.

On Thursday, Turkey agreed to a five-day ceasefire in northeast Syria to allow for withdrawal of Kurdish forces.

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