Russia creates New 375-Caliber T-5000 Sniper Rifle

Russia President Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW, November 27- Russia’s new modified high-precision T-5000 sniper rifle has been created and tested, Vladimir Zlobin, the general director of the manufacturer ORSIS under the Promtechnologies group, told Sputnik.

“We have developed the 375-caliber CheyTac T-5000 version and completed tests successfully. If the 338-caliber has a 1500 meter (4921 feet) range, the new one has a reach of over two kilometers. The name of this version is the ORSIS-375ST,” Zlobin said.

He added that serial production of the new rifle would begin in 2020 and that the company had already received pre-orders for the rifle from several countries.

The ORSIS T-5000, off which the militarized Tochnost sniper rifle is based, is manufactured by the Promtechnologies weapon’s factory.

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