Severe water crisis in India’s Rajasthan : Villagers lock drinking water

India, June 4 : The state of Rajasthan is facing twin challenges of extreme temperatures and severe water crisis. To tackle with the acute water shortage and an unstble supply of drinking water,residents of Parasrampura village in Hurda panchayat are keeping their water containers under lock to prevent theft of drinking water.

Residents of Parasrampura village in Hurda collect water in a drum & keep it locked to prevent stealing of water. Villgers ssid, “water tankers comes on a gap of 10 days. Water has become more precious to us than gold & silver, so we keep it locked.”

Heat wave is continuing in Northern India with Rajasthan recorded staggering temperatures on Monday with mercury in some regions, including Churu, crossing the 50-degree celsius mark. Officials with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) asserted that while the minimum temperature throughout the state was a little above 30-degree Celsius, the mercury averaged between 45-48 degree Celsius.

Residents of Bhilwara told news agency ANI that water tankers come to their villages once every 10 days, leaving them with no other option than to ration their supply of drinking water and protect it with their lives. One local even said that clean drinking water carries the same value as silver and gold in certain parts of the district, especially Parasampura village. “If we do not lock our water, someone else takes it. If we finish the water what would our children drink,” another resident said.

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