Taliban loses control of Qala-e-naw city of Badghis province in Afghanistan

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Kabul, July 8 : The Afghanistan forces have regained control of Qala-e-naw city of Western Badghis province in just a few hours after losing it to the hands of the Taliban, informed the country’s Defence Ministry on Wednesday.

Citing Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defence, The Khaama Press reported that Afghan National Defence Security Forces (ANDSF) have started patrolling the area on a usual basis. Taliban have been driven from the provincial National Directorate office, national police headquarters and the central prison in the city.

In a tweet, Tariq Arian, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, said that Qala-e-naw city is now under ANDSF and the Taliban has been ousted from the area. He also said that ANDSF has caused heavy casualties to the Taliban.

The Taliban gained control of the central city of Bagdhish province after the group captured neighbouring districts. It was the first time when the provincial capital has fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

This comes after the Ministry of Defence has announced that ANDSF has killed over six hundred terrorists in the last 24 hours following land aerial operations, The Khaama Press reported.

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