Tamil reconciliation Process: Will Rajapaksa bow before Modi’s demand?

New Delhi. Nov 29: Prime Minister Modi asked the visiting Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa to expedite the reconciliation process to meet the aspirations of Tamil community which also includes the implementation of 13th Amendment but island nation’s government did not utter a word on it.

Besides the point, Rajapaksa assured Indian counterpart that his government will take steps to return the Indian boats which are in Lanka’s custody.

This is Gotabaya’s first overseas visit since assuming office.Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks in New Delhi and issued a joint statement . Upon arrival, Rajapaksa held talks with National security advisor Ajit Doval on the mutual interest and security cooperation.

Rajapaksa then said under his leadership he will take the relationship between the two countries to a “higher level” as both leaders will “work together” for economic development and security of their people.

Modi has announced line of credit of $400 million to boost Sri Lanka’s development and a financial assistance of $50 million to deal with the challenge of terrorism.

The Sri Lankan President said that the discussions were cordial and reassuring and a major focus area of the deliberations was on security cooperation. He said, they discussed the fishermen’s issue in length and Sri Lankan Government will take steps to release the boats belonging to India in their custody.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa was the powerful defence secretary during the last phase of the civil war that ended with the death of Prabhakaran and elimination of LTTE in 2009.

But the important aspect is what will the impact of Modi’s demand for a “genuine political solution and reconciliation” for the minority Tamils on Rajapaksa at home.Whether the new regime would accede to India’s demand or back to China’s fold.

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