Tensions between US and North Korea has reduced , says Esper

Enroute to Tokyo, Aug 7: The Pentagon Chief said that the tensions between the United States and North Korea since the president Donald Trump engaged with Kim Jong un have been lessened and therefore the “door of diplomacy is open for North Korea.”

On the couple more projectiles launched, Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper said, “I think the key is to keep the door open for diplomacy. The president had a good meeting last monthwith President Kim Jong-un. And we’re not going to overreact to these, but we monitor and we watch them closely, and we’re cognizant of what’s happening.”

The message to US allies in the region is that United States will find a political solution.
“When I meet with my counterparts in Seoul and in Tokyo, I would expect. I understand they all appreciate the fact that we need to find a political solution, a political agreement to this,” Esper said enroute to Tokyo.

“when I first came to office in November 2017, we were on the wrong path. We’re now on a much better path. And the key is:take these launchings seriously,monitor them, we also need to be careful not to overreact, and not to get ourselves into a situation where diplomacy is closed off,” he added.

The Secretary of Defence said that US-South Korea joint exercises is just type of interaction between the allies.


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