Texas Ransomware Attack: Single threat actor hacks computer systems in 23 Towns


Texas , Aug 21: Texas is the latest state to be hit with a cyberattack, with confirmation reports that computer systems in 23 municipalities has been hacked and their data held hostage in a large-scale coordinated  Ransomware attack demanding a ransom of $2.5 million to unlock the files.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and state cybersecurity experts are examining the ongoing breach, which began on August 16 i.e. Friday morning and has affected mostly smaller local governments. Officials have not disclosed which specific places are affected.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), which is leading the response to the ransomware attack against entities across Texas, on Tuesday said evidence continues to point to a single threat actor.

The cyberattack started on August 16. The majority of the 22 entities hit by the attack were smaller local governments.

“Responders have engaged with all 22 entities to assess the impact to their systems and bring them back online,” DIR said.

“More than 25 per cent of the impacted entities have transitioned from response and assessment to remediation and recovery, with a number of entities back to operations as usual,” it added.

DIR did not reveal much details about the attack as “this is an ongoing federal investigation”.

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