Tunisian Presidential Polls ousts experienced political class as newcomers posed to win

Tunisian elections

Tunis, Sep 16: Hoping to end the economic crisis plaguing the country, over seven million registered Tunisians have voted on Sunday and a polling firm has projected outsider candidate Kais Saied as garnering maximum votes and jailed media mogul as the second.

Saied, a constitutional law professor without a party while Nabil Karoui, the businessman and media mogul running for office from behind bars after being indicted in July on charges of money laundering and tax fraud. Nabil Karoui has used his popular television channel Nessma to launch high-profile charity campaigns.

The world is watching Tunisia’s presidential elections very keenly as it was Tunisia from where the Arab revolution started and it is the only country that has emerged democratically after 2011 Arab spring.

26 candidates including two women were in the fray and Candidate must secure 50 percent of the vote to win on Sunday, but if no single candidate secures an absolute majority, the two candidates with the most votes will advance to a second, decisive round in November.

The major issues that are concerning the people include economic stagnation, security threats, and political instability and the candidates campaigns revolve around these. Each of the candidates have spelled out their strategy or the outline of their vision to end the economic mess and to create employment opportunities.

By Arti Bali

Sr Journalist (International Affairs)

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