US, Egypt strategic relationship top priority for Trump administration, says Esper

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Cairo, July 30 : SECRETARY OF DEFENSE DR. MARK T. ESPER said that the United States’ and Egypt’s strategic relationship is a top priority for Trump administration.

” I look forward to continuing our militaries’ close partnership across a wide range of issues.
Counterterrorism is one of those enduring issues, and I’d like to offer my sincere condolences for the recent losses sustained by your forces responding to terrorist attacks in the Sinai,”Esper said.
And more broadly, I look forward to hearing your views on regional security, including Libya and Iran.

Egyptian Minister of defense General Mohaned Zaki said, “Actually, there’s a constant fact that Egypt and the United States, maintaining a strategic relationship, historical one. And that’s why it’s difficult to change the equation of such relations, that they are mainly based in two main categories.”

The first one is the mutual recognition that there is a package of interests, goals and joint commandments that we need to maintain, including the — the U.S. support in building and developing the Egyptian military capabilities, and employing such capabilities in order to be a guarantee for realizing regional security and stability.

The second constant fact is now the representative and the strategic location that Egypt has, in addition to the gravity of its role in the Arab, African and Islamic circles as a force and a power supportive of the dissemination of the culture of peace, and a cornerstone in the equation of the regional security.

In addition to securing the U.S. targets and the — and the U.S. interests, as well in the Middle East, which mainly helps with the requirements of the Egyptian national security.

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