US has economic interests in Syria war: Envoy

Syrian Ambassador to India Dr Riad Kamel Abbas

With an eye on energy resources in Syria, US and GCC created ISIS to de-stabilise the country, said Syrian Ambassador to India Dr Riad Kamel Abbas in an exclusive interview with Arti Bali, and also emphasized that Russia is posing threats to US, allies and interests .

Syria is ready to hold elections under the supervision of monitors from BRICS countries.What is your assessment of the entire scenario going on in Syria?
We are forced to face this war and we are fighting the big army of hundred thousands of mercenaries ie ISIS from all the nationalities. These mercenaries is led by United States to do its dirty works in the region, Whenever a country of a region resist to apply US policy, it sends this army of mercenaries to de-stabilize a country. It is a nexus between US and GCC. This is what happening in Syria these mercenaries are funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia in terms of money and arms and are trained in Turkey and facilitating them to infiltrate in Syria while US is guiding them through its intelligence.

What led to the present crisis in Syria is it because of the gas pipelines ?

The Syria war is basically for economic interests and USA has planned to overthrow the Syrian government to build a natural gas pipeline from Qatar that transversed Syria through turkey to Europe and the entire project is executed by Turkey and Qatar to put pressure on Russia’s Gazprom and in this plan coalition of some of GCC like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, USA and Europe are working in tandem to break down the power structure in Syria and also to prevent Iranian gas pipeline to come to Mediterranean.

American economy is based on wars. Recession in US means instability in Middle East.

Apart from economic there are political; and leadership reasons attached to Syria issue as Russia, China are giving a tough challenge to US dominion status and unipolar world does not exist now.

Q: What do you think how the terrorism can be defeated in Syria

Ans. There are 2 factors through which peace can be brought back to Syria :

1) First make pressure on the neighbouring countries to close their borders so that terrorists does not infiltrate.

2) Stop funding terrorism, close the school of terrorism in direct words wahabism should be banned, Saudi Arabia created Al Qaeda and other branches of terror groups in Pakistan, Afghanistan under the supervision of America.

Q: There are talks about dividing Syria ?

Ans. Syria cannot be divided if the West implements this decision that it will have a cascading effect in the entire world including India and China as division on sectarian and religious lines will scatter the world.

Q: How much territory ISIS controls in Syria and how Iran is assisting your country?

Ans. ISIS has lost 60% of the territory controlled by it and Syrian Army alone is doing this remarkable job on the ground with the help of Russian air power and Iran is helping us strategically and providing their expertise.

Q: Who are the rebels and what are their demands

Ans. There is no moderate opposition inside Syria and what they show on media are not Syrians they are half Syrians and have been living in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Europe for the last 50 years and are talking on behalf of Syrian. How can they talk about Syria when they never visited our country. There are terror groups like ISIS and one of them is Jaysh al-Islam leader which is a terrorist militia in Syria named Mohammad alloush.

There are 2 Opponent forces : One is moderate which kills by Bullet and other is radical which kills by knife. Did you ever heard or read in the history about the moderate opposition holding arms and so Syrian government has to protect our nationals from these terror groups.

Q: The fighting also has spawned Europe’s worst refugee crisis since World War II and has led to the emergence of the Islamic State group.. What’s your strategy to deal with it?

Ans. Actually the fact is Out of total only 40% of refugees are Syrians and others belong to different countries and Turkey want to pressurize Europe on 3 points.

Turkey wants support from EU to allow it to built No fly zone on Syrian airspace.
To allow Turkish people in Europe without visa.
Turkey asked  3 billion dollars  to close the Turkish border And  EU accepted  two conditions except the No fly zone. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is crying for his own interests  and he is using refugees as items. Erdogan’s son is buying stolen crude oil from ISIS.

Q: What is the current status of Syrian peace talks ?

Ans. We go for talks just for talks and there is no real opposition in Syria and in Geneva talks and there is only one solution and i.e. military soldier boots will talk on the ground but if there is real opposition we can find the political solution on the table by the Syrian themselves without any external intervention.

Q: How you are going to end the 5 year old civil war in Syria and What about holding elections ?

Ans. First it is not a civil war, it is a war against terrorism and Syria is fighting it on behalf of the entire world in these five years, US didn’t asked us about the elections because when our President will stay because he is supported by the majority of Syrian people and he will win in any election. IF US ask than our President will agree there and then to conduct elections under the eyes of International monitors specifically from friendly countries like BRICS states. We refuse only US monitors. If US don’t believe BRICS monitors then how will they believe in US.
Actually US has started this war for strategic, economic and leadership purposes in the Middle east and Russia is rightly opposing them.

Q: To what extent Russian air power is helpful in defeating ISIS in Syria?

Ans. Russian air power is more powerful as what it did in 3 months time to eliminate dash or ISIS terrorists US failed to do in two years time.

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