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HOME SWEET HOME, The Heaven resides at the comfort of one’s Home. We unwind, relax, rejuvenate, have fun, feel safeguarded, sound & protected when we are enclosed in the coziness of our divine abode.

HOME SWEET HOME, The Heaven resides at the comfort of one’s Home. We unwind, relax, rejuvenate, have fun, feel safeguarded, sound & protected when we are enclosed in the coziness of our divine abode.

Our Relationships along with our Mental, Physical & Emotional Health and overall success and progress in life can directly be measured by how well we feel at our home and the vibes that it has in its immediate atmosphere.

Every living and Non Living things on this earth, whether its humans, animals, plants & trees or materialistic things like cars, home appliances, furniture & accessories, every little thing radiates vibrations known as Auras. They characterize the Physical and Mental elements of the substance which are affected by the environment within its immediate parameters.

According to ancient Indian Vedic scriptures, “Vaastu” which is considered to be the Science of Architecture that represents the fundamentals of the Space, Design, Furnishing Layouts, Arrangements by adopting the rules of spatial Geometry can actually assist to mend the negative flaws created in a home due to incorrect placements / directions of any Objects resulting in a unfavorable vibe in the space which indirectly effects the Wellness of the People in the same sphere.

Therefore it’s very crucial to understand the link between the healing art of Vaastu and our Homes to execute good energies & positivism in our lives. Below are some of the very important tips that one must consider integrating in their homes.

1 – The Main Entrance Door – It holds utmost priority for being in the right direction as per Vaastu Shastra as it holds the vital formula for having great vibrations not only inside our home but in our lives as well.

As per Ashna Ddhannak, Main Door is considered to be the “Archway to Victory and Progress in Life” therefore should be located and governed with absolute accuracy.

* The Main Entrance Door should be in the North, East or North East Direction of the Home. It must be constructed in a way when the person is stepping out of the door from inside of the home to outside, he / she must face North, East or North East in front of him / her.

* The Main Entrance Door should be constructed with superior quality of the wood & it must be the Tallest & most Beautiful door compared to the rest of the doors at home.

* Do not place any water body like fountains etc outside the main entrance door.

* Avoid having Shoe Racks or Dustbin outside the main door.

* There should never be a Bathroom / restroom near the main door.

* Always have sufficient bright lights at the entrance.

* Avoid having Black color for the Door.

* Decorate your main door with beautiful name plates and auspicious torans.

* Avoid keeping heavy animal statues or figures like elephants etc at the Main door.

* Make sure to have the main door opened in a clockwise direction.

2 – Ideal Room For Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Practices – Designing a sacred space always benefits for the spiritual growth. One can always have a silent time listening and connecting to their higher self and re-awaken their zest for life, says Ashna Ddhannak.

* East & North East sector of the Home can be utilized for creating a small sacred space for practicing Spiritual persuits, Meditations and Yoga.

* Having your Face towards the East while meditating brings in the much needed brightness and positive energy in your life.

* Create a sacred altar and decorate it with your favorite elements like statues or photos of Mentors, Gurus, Spiritual Masters etc. you can add fresh flowers, crystals, & burn Candles & Aromatic Incenses along with your favorite soft music and any other component that you feel is special and purposeful to you.

* Recommeded colors for the Meditation room is White, Badge, very Light yellow / Green.

* Placing a Shining White Cloth as an Asana / Mat before Meditating will help to you to attain deep tranquility and calmness.

* Burning Palo Santo wood, White Sage Herbs, Agarwood / Jasmine Essential Oil Fragrances are highly recommended for creating enlightening moments.

3 – Vaastu For Living Rooms – Living rooms are generally considered to be the most active part of the entire home, as one generally spends maximum time there. Any social parties, functions, gatherings or get together are planned here. It’s generally the first impression of the guest entering the home. Therefore its mandatory to keep the Living area absolutely clutter free and at the same time practice some important thumb rules to get maximum positive vibes.

* Ideally the Living Room should be in the East / North / North East section of the Home. Alternatively a second best option can be in the North West.

* Heavy furniture components and bulky decoratives must be arranged in the West or the South West direction of the Living Room.

* All Electric gadgets like Television, Air conditioners etc should be installed in the South East section of the Living Room.

* Portraits of birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room as they give the gloomy feelings and thus the negative vibes.

* Mirror if any in the Living room, must be installed on the North Wall of the room for opening up the Kuber Energies.

* Any water objects like fountains, aquariums etc is advised to keep very small in size ( less than Half the Human Height) approx height maximum 2 feets, in the East or North East zone of the Living room.

4 – Vaastu For Brahmasthan – Qosmic Centre Of The Home

Brahmasthan is the Centremost portion of the House & is one of the most significant element as per the age old traditional Vaastu Shastra. It is the middle-most pivotal, celestially divine and all powerful place inside of the home.

All directions assemble here at this point of the house as its also known as the Qosmic Centre of the home which is considered to be the most significant area of the house where the FA energies (Father) & the Ma energies (Mother) meet together and they disperse limitless powerful and positive energy in all directions of the house that is very beneficial for the ones staying inside that home.


Tips for using the Qosmic Centre of the Home….

* The Qosmic Centre of the Home should always be impeccably clean and clutter free. A circumfurance of 1 to 1.5 meters of the Qosmic Centre should not have any obstructions or built-up area. It’s recommended to keep a complete empty space in this boundary.

* A kitchen /Bathroom, Pillar / Beam in this area is considered to be very negative vaastu flaw and it badly affects the health of the people in that home.

* Playing Gayatri Mantra near the Qosmic Centre of the home will improve the overall vibrations and help to reduce the negative energy created by any vaastu flaws.

5 – Vaastu Tips For Bedrooms To Embolden Love & Harmony Between Couples –

A Bedroom is supposed to be the cubicle of rest, relaxation and romance for the couples who look forward to cohere each other on an emotional, mental and physical level after a hard day’s work. It’s very important that this Zone of the House is also planned with utmost importance. So let’s identify a few very significant tips to turn your bedroom into your most warm and intimate chamber.

* All Bedrooms should be constituted in the South West section of the entire Home as it’s the most relaxing zone.

* The Bed must be placed on the Southwest corner of the bedroom in a way that one can sleep with their heads pointing towards West.

* Very Important to avoid mirrors or television directly in front of the bed. Your reflection must not be seen while you are lying on the bed as it acts like a third part in your relationships, causing fights and breakups.

* Never have 2 different mattresses under the same bed as it creates rift and distances and separation in couples.

* Bedroom walls are recommended to have light or earthy pink shades that creates and enhances feeling of love and harmony. Avoid using Black colors for the walls,

* Avoid having temple or any kind of water features like fountains or paintings of water etc inside your room as it tends to create a lot of emotional disturbances.

* Place a small bowl filled with rock salt near the edge of the bed. This helps to cleanse away the negative vibes in your room if any. Discard the salt and clean the bowl and replace it with fresh salt every week. You can also have your room mopped with salt water daily in order to keep away any stagnant energy.

* Use warm lightings and burn aromatic oils like Rose, Geranium and Lavender etc to create romantic moods.

* Place a picture of loving couples behind wall of the Bed. It can be your own picture or also a frame of Radha Krishna is highly suggested.

* Place a few rose Quartz Crystal Tumbles in a beautiful pink bowl or tray next to the left side of your bedside table as they help to freely flow the Love energies in your space that helps you to bond with your partner with love and affection.

According to Ashna Ddhannak, Founder & Owner of “Enlightening Lifestyle”

It is perceived that Vaastu plays an integral part in the overall growth, development and well being of the people staying in a Home. Therefore its gravity and magnitude must be taken profoundly and diligently following its principles will bring in enormous positive results in all areas of a person’s life.

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