With red lines for Taliban, Afghanistan to deepen strategic ties with India: Ambassador Tahir Qadiry

New Delhi, June 28 :  Head of the Mission of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to India, Tahir Qadiry’s mission is to deepen strategic ties and broaden the bilateral relationship between the two countries and emphasized that the young generation of the country has drawn some red lines for Peace With The Talibans.

Ahead of the seventh round of US-Taliban peace talks on June 29 in a bid to end the 18-year-long Afghan conflict,Ambassador Qadiry said, “We have made it quite clear that the peace process is to be “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned, and Afghan-controlled.”

He further stated, “The Taliban will have to respect the Afghan Constitution so as to promote inclusive peace and reconciliation process,promotes and protects unity, sovereignty, democracy, inclusiveness and prosperity of Afghanistan.”

However, he warned that if Taliban dosen’t adhere to red lines drawn by the government and the young generation of the country, then our brave security forces will deal with them as they tackle the terrorists.”

Describing India as an incredible land of opportunity and Afghanistan where there is a possibility of stark change as new generation has grown up and looks for a progressive future after 18 years of warfare, Ambassador Tahir said, “Afghanistan wants to explore vast areas in education, infrastructure and economy to strengthen ties with India.”

The presidential election will take place on September 28, 2019 which will further strengthen Afghanistan’s democratic political structure.

“India is a trusted ally and strategic partner of Afghanistan and I believe the projects undertaken by New Delhi has won the hearts and minds of Afghans. Both the countries have age-old historical, cultural, civilizational and economic ties. We are working closely in implementing developmental projects and will continue to do so.”

Described India as its most trusted partner in the region and an important ally, Qadiry said “new avenues of cooperation are being explored in areas of sports and entertainment to boost the bilateral relationship. Bollywood is very big in Afghanistan and Indian soap operas are shown on our television.”

Ever since the fall of the Taliban regime, the Afghans have generally attached huge importance to education and sports.He wanted the world to meet new Afghanistan where girls take part in singing competition and Afghanistan is known for its sports, be it cricket, football or taekwondo. The envoy termed the Afghan Cricket team as peace ambassadors”.

“In this we have great assistance from India which gives our students opportunities to get best education. Nearly 1,000 Afghan students come to India every year on scholarships. Giving any nation education is the key to its success and India has given us opportunity for that,” he said.

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